Me, My Daughter and My Stetsons

This conversation:


My Stetsons, which I haven’t worn yet, a year since they were purchased.

She: Daddy please don’t tell me those are your boots.

She: And the tag says $100

Me: lol

Me: I didn’t pay that for them.

Me: lol

She: You used to pick me up from Harold Napper School in a Raiders bomber jacket and Clarks (shoes).

Me: You are killing me Brandi.


Me: lol

Me: I am still that guy, lol.

She: Alberta has done a number on you.

She: Anyways. With boots like those, you will find a Calgary woman in no time.

Me: Nobody has done any number on me. And do not show the photo to anybody. Lol.

She: I am showing Dani as soon as she wakes up.

Me: Hahaha…Don’t you know it? It was an actual Calgary woman who selected them or let us say, suggested them. But as I said to you I have not worn them.


Author: Colin Morgan-Dennis

Hamilton, Ontario blogger, Colin Morgan Dennis, is freelance writer, freelance proofreader and editor and the author of the memoir, The Road Not Taken: Memoirs of a Reluctant Guerrilla available at online stores like He holds undergraduate degrees in political science and journalism and also pursued graduate studies in public policy and public administration from Concordia University. At Concordia he was president of the graduate students association for two years. He also graduated from Dale Carnegie Training with a certificate in effective speaking and human relations. He has been a volunteer with United Way, White Ribbon Campaign, Tel-Aide and the HotDocs Film Festival. When he is not writing he enjoys international travel, visits to museums, art galleries and cafes. His musical tastes run the gamut: jazz, blues, reggae, rap, dub poetry and classical.

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